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Discover the Order Hidden within Financial Markets
My name is David Nichols, and I'm the Editor of Fractal Market Report -- a unique advisory service where I put my credibility on the line every trading day to provide a detailed forecast for equity markets, as well as selected other markets like gold, bonds, and crude oil.

I generate these detailed and accurate market forecasts using my breakthrough Fractal Market Analysis. These proprietary techniques -- developed over the last 10 years -- go far beyond technical and fundamental analysis, revealing the order hidden within seemingly random financial markets.

Financial markets are chaotic, natural systems, and they should be studied like any other natural system. I've adapted and applied ideas from chaos and quantum theories to build a highly accurate model of how energy distributes in financial markets. After all, markets are just a system where energy -- money, in the case of the markets -- flows in and out, and it's logical to directly study the inherent predictability of market energy flow.

Sound complicated? It really isn't. I always strive to keep my daily market reports simple and easy to follow. My fractal methods allow me to extrapolate a very detailed map of forward price action, allowing us to know ahead of time where the tops and bottoms will form and also where the way-points will be along the way. I also recommend specific entry and exit points, using the simple -- but highly effective -- buy and sell signals I've developed.

I know from experience that there is always skepticism about somebody who claims to have discovered anything new and valuable about markets. The conversation inevitably turns to this: "If you're so good, why are you writing about it?" This is a legitimate question, so let's talk about it.

While I successfully apply these methods in my own trading and for a few large clients, I've found it important to write a daily report. Why? Discipline. Writing something everyday is a terrific way to really think ideas and forecasts through -- to the point where they can be communicated effectively to subscribers. Accountability to subscribers has constantly driven me to improve and seek out new ways of studying markets.

But you don't have to take my word for it -- you can check it out for yourself by signing up for our 30-day Free Trial.

Warm regards,

David Nichols, Editor
Fractal Market Report

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